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Driving Tours

Truro and WellfleetWe offer a 2 -hour driving tour for each town, offering fantastic scenery and historical sites to explore. 
Offered: daily @ 9:30-11:30, 2-4, 6-8 / $40 per person 
Truro: This tour will offer you some of Truro's classic sites: Pamet Harbor, Corn Hill, Highland Light, and Pond Village. Come share in the history of the shipbuilding, fishing and the saltworks industry, the railroad, U.S. Life Saving Service, native americans and the pilgrims.
       Tours and Prices : Tours are offered in the spring (and fall) only on weekends. Summer tours are daily availability (times listed below) beginning Saturday, July 4 to the end of August.
Other tours and services
​* Truro walking tours at Ballston Beach, and at Corn Hill / Pamet Harbor: daily 8am, 1.5 hrs, $ 15

Night tour (Wellfleet and Truro): Ghosts, graveyards, rum running, U.S. Life Saving Service and the                                                                          mooncussers, lighthouses, witches, and astronomy.
* Ask about our evening dinner tour!

Transportation for wedding and private functions.

* Themed-tours for the fall: The Pilgrimmage, and Light Houses / U.S. Life Saving Service.

 Wellfleet: Our Wellfleet tour includes terrific views of the Wellfleet Harbor, Great Island, and the Atlantic Ocean. You will learn about the 400 years of change to the harbor region, the 'lost' Billingsgate Community, Pirate "Black Sam" Bellamy, Guglielmo Marconi, the railroad, and much more...